Sunday, January 31, 2016

We are Creating Beings

William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, says that we are creating beings whether in the spiritual or physical.

Questioner:  You stated, "If you cannot participate in some form of conscious creation, you will never grow." Can activities such as painting pictures, writing poems, cooking meals or saying prayers be types of conscious creating that you referred to?

The Council:  Yes, these would all fall in that category.  The most positive or the most creative potential lies in the area of the prayer element because through prayer things can actually be changed in the material.  Expressing one's artistic abilities or sensitivities through arts and what have you is also another good potential or release, let us use that word instead, is a good release for the soul's creative potential.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Yes, thank you.  Is having sexual relations creative in itself or only when a pregnancy occurs?

The Council:  It is creative in itself in that the mind or the consciousness and the soul's desire is in unison.  If it is a perfect situation, that is, the sharing of one with the other or a total sharing of each other, then it in itself becomes a creative force.  It bonds two individuals closer together.  Whether there is a creation of life there or not does not detract from that additional creation or potential of expressing and sharing. 

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Communication in the Spiritual Realms

Communication in the Spiritual Realms

In this long discussion between a SOL researcher and William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, we have a very involved discussion about communication in the spiritual realms.

Questioner: You said, "The way we commune or communicate with each other is in such a way that is quite hard to explain.  It is a mental process because we are conscious beings.  It is like merging two breezes together.  If you were to take a fan in each hand and wave them back and forth, they each deliver a breeze that merges in the center to cause a turbulence.  Now we commune by putting two energy fields together to create a turbulence."  Now, I would like to know ...

The Council:  May we pause for a statement?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council: The term "turbulence" should not be looked upon in a, how shall we say, general sense to indicate a negative action, but to indicate an action of greater activity and power.  Be sure that is understood.  The word "turbulence" should not be looked upon in its negative sense but in a powerful sense.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Very well, continue.

Questioner:  I would like to know then if this mechanism is similar to what we understand in physics as the "beat phenomenon."

The Council:  It is too bad you are not more familiar with that concept. Continue.

Questioner:  Wherein two energy fields merge to produce a new field which represents the difference between the two original fields?

The Council:  One could use that as an example.  The difference being that the created field is not the difference.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes, I think I do.

The Council:  But it is the combination of the knowledge of each entity combined to enhance the knowledge of each entity.  In other words, if you have had an experience in the material manifestation which has brought you wisdom and knowledge and say your spouse has had a different experience that has brought her wisdom and knowledge, the combination of the wisdom and of course as a secondary addition, the knowledge, the combination of the two wisdoms then is shared, and both experience totally in that sharing.  Now, the example you gave us, repeat it.

Questioner:  In physics there is what is known as the beat phenomenon wherein two energy fields merge to produce a new field which represents the difference between the original fields.

The Council:  Very well.  The new field, (do you understand?), then is what we have explained, but it is not the difference between but the addition of.  Do you follow?

Questioner:  I think so.  It sounds a little bit like harmony where two notes together produce something additional that neither note by itself contains.

The Council:  Yes, but it is a true experience then.  It is a full and complete experience.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Then one individual can benefit from another's experience when these fields merge?

The Council:  Yes, it is likened to an actual experience, because you have eliminated the, how shall we put it, the trivia of the material but retain the essence of the experience which is the true experience.

And in this then you have a more direct relationship, if we may use that term, to the experience, even though you yourself may not have experienced that particular activity as such.  A very crude way, even, shall we say, far more crude than the example we gave you would be that of a vicarious experience.

Now that particular statement is on the very far limits of what we have tried to explain to you, but that combined with what we originally said, plus what we have just said may give you a greater insight.  In other words, since you are experiencing an activity through another soul or another entity, and a spiritual state or in the pure conscious state the experience is much more powerful and much more vivid and much more useful or direct, consequently, you gain the essence without the problem of having to work for it, without having to deal with the distractions in obtaining the essence of the experience.  Since the merging of the two knowledges and wisdoms create a third, both entities share equally then in that third, and that third essence then or that third experience or that third, how shall we say, activity of knowledge then is divided equally with each and becomes as real as if either one had experienced it or the other had experienced it.  But the entity or the experience, shall we say, the third experience is not really
created out of the lack of. That is essential to understand. 

Questioner: I was wondering if this third experience, the combined experience could then be shared as an entity in itself with other beings?

The Council:  Be extremely careful in the term "third entity."  It does not take on an entity such as you or those in the room.  We use the term "entity" only to indicate that it is a whole, but it is not an entity in the sense that it is thinking and conscious; it is an experience.  That can be shared by either of the true entities or souls that have exchanged the information or have communicated with each other.  It then can be shared with any other.  Those entities who have made the first exchange or shared or communicated on their own then can share that experience with others, and thus you have a continuous growing effect. 

But remember now, that when we talked of the third, we did not intend you to understand that you are creating an entity per se.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Christmas Message for 2015

A Holiday Message from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council.
The Council: We hope that all of you realize that just as you give gifts on the birthday of our Lord, you can give far greater gifts every day of the year through a loving smile. May you always allow our Lord and God be ever-present in your day's activities. May you and your family and friends have a very joyous holiday, and may the coming year be a year of greater happiness and greater joy. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ways to Show Spiritual Courage

In this interchange between a questioner and William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, we learn about spiritual bravery.

Questioner: Council, you gave the example of running into a building and giving up your life to save somebody. Isn't there a lot more realistic ways to give your life for somebody, just like taking care of somebody for their life or something like that?

The Council: Well, certainly, certainly. That is another badge of bravery. We gave that as an extreme, but it is an extreme. There are many ways of giving your life for someone else. Dedication to another individual. When you make a commitment to an individual, you are basically giving your life up for them. So, there are all forms of bravery. Two people who are in love and make an honest commitment, they are giving up their individuality to serve the other one. Both should be doing the same thing. There that takes great bravery, great bravery. Especially in your world today when there is so much darkness of self-indulgence. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Are you saying, someone like that would be brave because they are giving up their self-indulgences?

The Council: They are giving up their life which means they have already given up their self-indulgences. Certain things have to come in order. You have to be willing to give up your indulgent life, that puts you in a position where you understand your value as an individual, therefore you are able to give up yourself in benefit for someone else. You see the order?

Questioner: Yes, definitely.

The Council: So, there is an order in spiritual evolution, if we might use that term and do not take it literally, "spiritual evolution." You are already spiritual, it is just a question of are you going to exercise it or not. If not, you are going to lose it. It is that simple. We cannot say that the soul is like man's ridiculous concept of his physical being evolving from monkeys to whatever.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Loving Yourself - A Test

In this presentation William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, how to know that you love yourself in a godly manner.

Questioner: How do you know if you love yourself? How do you know that you truly love yourself and it is not your ego talking?

The Council: Well, what do you do in life for others? That is a good yardstick of measurement. What is your attitude as you are doing them, these things for others? Understanding there are times when you must be a care giver or a provider that you get disgusted, you think that you are not appreciated. Well, when you begin to feel as though you are not appreciated, then you better take a second look at your feelings inside. Why should you be appreciated for doing good for someone else? That is your privilege, your honor. You should do it with humbleness. You should be grateful. Every time you are responsible for an action that is spiritually beneficial to another individual, that in itself should be all that you need. There are times in doing and giving, you do get tired, you do get disgusted. This is understandable, but if this hangs on too long and begins to cause you to question whether you should continue giving or doing, then you must reexamine yourself because you have not reached the point where you truly love yourself. Again, periods of time where one gets disgusted, even feels like throwing their hands up and walking away, these are all natural emotions and can be expected in a variety of situations. But the person who really loves themselves in a godly way continues through these periods of darkness or trepidation or whatever you choose to call it, and comes out on the other side still carrying the torch of achievement. They have not cowered in the corner as a coward would do.

The one factor that very few times do we talk about and very little is understood. Bad karma has to be worked off and dissipated. Good karma is always with you. This one has said whatever good karma you create is yours forever, for eternity, but most important for everlasting. You cannot use it up, you cannot wear it out, you cannot diminish it. It is always going to be with you. That is why we have said with each lifetime you have enough good karma to accomplish whatever need be accomplished in that given lifetime. Every good deed you do with love is good karma that you are creating. Good karma is the kind of karma you cannot see, you cannot touch, you cannot feel. It is a strength and a conviction that you have. It is the basis of the love that you demonstrate to others.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Attitude is the Key

 William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, give us the key to success in this life and the next.

The Council: Many times, what we say about your society is not pleasant to hear. With some of you it creates a little fear. Do not allow fear to govern your life because you are going to miss all the joy that you are able to have. Enjoy the good that is in you, enjoy the good in your life. Do what good you can do in life. You are not going to change the world, but you can change yourself, and that is what is important. Be happy with what you have because you have all the opportunities to eliminate another reincarnation. You have all the opportunities to shut this door of schooling down so that you can begin to truly evolve on the other side in the God-made  heavenly realms. We invite you to be with us. What more can we do? Recognize darkness, recognize evil, recognize negativity, or whatever you choose to call it, but do not be a part of it. You know what is right, and you know what is wrong. Do that which is right, and you will be guaranteed success. Have the right attitude in everything you do. Then you will reap the benefits of those actions in more ways than one. In so many ways you will not be able to count. After it is all said and done, you are going to realize that it is nothing more than an attitude. And all of you at some given point in time on the other side will say, why didn't I just change my attitude? Well, we cannot give you the answer to that. Only you have that answer. We are telling you now, it is your attitude that will make you or break you. Be happy that you have a loving Father and that you are an exact mirror or copy of Him. The potential you have to love and care is so great that in your wildest imagination, you cannot begin to realize how much power you have. We hope that you understand that you are very valuable to your Divine Father, that He loves you so much that He will respect any of your decisions even when you break His Heart, He will sit silently by and wait for you. He wants you with Him because you want to be with Him, as much as He wants you in His Arms.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Ego can be a Problem

This is an interesting quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, because it shows how the ego can control some people. They offer some very good insight for all of us in the last couple of lines.

Questioner: Council, what you are saying, if I understand correctly, the ego would much rather have a good time and indulge itself than to ever really set itself aside and enjoy the act of giving?

The Council: That is right. The ego allows an individual to feel sorry for themselves, to see what they do not have, what they want and they do not have. It blinds them to what they do have, the opportunities they have. It is a willful blindness, it is a willful blindness, and it is so sad because the irony of it is many times those people do things that could help them eliminate their karma but they are so self-indulgent that they cannot see that. So they do things as an obligation and not from the heart. There is a saying that goes this way: All things serve the Lord. How true, how true, how true. The last joke and the biggest is on those kinds of people. Our heart goes out to them because they are so blind. If they would only listen to what we have said. It is so sad. But if that type of individual, those kinds of people were to ever open their eyes and look at the reality of life, they can make tremendous strides ahead, where some of you and like many of us took small baby steps, those kinds of individuals can take giant steps forwards because they can be filled with a new enthusiasm, a new joy of self-discovery. We would like to say to each one of those individuals look beyond the present time and don't be satisfied with hand-me-downs and second-bests, they will never be as good as what you could have had.

One added comment to what we said. There is nothing more important in life than those you love and those that are family, even extended families, for therein lies the seed of your resurrections.

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