Friday, October 24, 2014

Biorhythms and the Physical Body - Part 2

This is a continuation of the interchange between a questioner from our Research and Study Group and William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, on the subject of biorhythms and there usefulness to us.

Questioner: Suppose you had a big decision to make or some kind of action. Would it be a good idea to check your chart and maybe time things for when you have what they call for a triple high or perhaps on triple low days put off some decisions until you are thinking better. Would that be a valid use for a chart like that?

The Council: If you choose to use a chart like that, yes, but you must use a little, how shall we say, common sense or a little discernment. You cannot rely on a cycle or a chart to make every decision or to avoid making decisions all the time. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: The chart or the cycles represent the overall keenness. Do you understand that?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: How sharp you are or how keen you are? Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: And this, of course, incorporates the three major aspects of you. Now, how strongly you are influenced by those cycles is mostly determined by you, this is in reference to exterior activities. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, I understand.

The Council: So, we are not saying that they are an essential thing that everybody should have. Yet we are saying that they do exist; they do influence you, and they can be used to help you, if nothing else, understand the way you are feeling at a particular time. They are important in this respect. They are part of the natural cycles of the material manifestation which you are a part of. They do influence, to a degree, the chemical reactions within the body, the intensity of those reactions and the lack of that intensity. Now, this again is another relationship to maintaining the material manifestation for the soul or maintaining the tool for the soul. When you come into the material manifestation, the soul must create a body that is compatible with the natural cycles of the material world or the material manifestation, and it just so happens that those are three cycles that most directly influence the exterior you, in other words, your relationship to your immediate world at that particular time or your immediate family or your immediate activities. Have we confused the situation or cleared it up?

Questioner: You have cleared it up.

The Council: Again, they can be useful but we would never say that spiritual growth depends on such a thing. Before you ever heard of such things, you were living a life. If you feel that after you have heard of such things it would help you to have a better day, understand your day a little better, then by all means use it. But you must realize that there are well over a hundred more cycles involved.

Questioner: I assume that these three are the more or less major cycles.

The Council: Well, it depends on what you want to consider as major. They would have the most outward effect on your day-to-day experiences.

Questioner: Would there be any other cycle of equal or greater benefit to
include in a biorhythm chart?

The Council: No, because they go down in graduated physical outward effects, so they become more subtle than what the three major rhythms or what is considered the major rhythms. Those can be used the most easily in understanding your day or your attitude for that day.

Questioner: Would this be a beneficial use of biorhythms, if you are looking for whatever spiritual benefits there are in fasting, if you are looking for these benefits, would it be a good use of biorhythms to begin a fast on a triple high? Would that help any in the fasting effort?

The Council: No. Listen to what we have said. It does not directly influence your spiritual state whatsoever. It does give you an understanding of your attitude toward a particular event at a particular time in your life. In other words, how did you receive today? How did you react to today?

Questioner: I reacted pretty good today.

The Council: Well, whatever. We are trying to point out how it could be

Questioner: Would it be all right to use the information you just gave us then as somewhat of an introduction to the charts that we make?

The Council: As long as you understand that you are not to confuse the biorhythm idea or concept with spirituality. You can be very spiritual on a very bad day. In fact, now that we think about it, maybe on an indication of a bad day you might practice a little charity towards your fellow human being. A good way to build up points. (Laughter) All joking aside now. As long as you do not attempt to sell spirituality through such devices, they can be beneficial to those who have an interest in them, but they cannot guarantee any spiritual growth at all. They are more aligned with the natural rhythms of the material manifestation.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Biorhythms and the Physical Body - Part 1

In this interchange between a questioner from our Research and Study Group and William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, we receive information concerning biorhythms and their usefulness to us.

Questioner: In reference to biorhythms, they really don't have a whole lot of validity, do they?

The Council: Oh yes they do. Much of your, how shall we say, acceptance of everyday life and the digestion of those experiences are governed by the rhythms or cycles that are natural to your physical body. These cycles control to some degree the chemical compounds in the physical container. These chemical compounds then in relationship to the brain, the organ of the brain, can make the reception or the attitude the spiritual attitude, or reception of that spirituality a little more conducive to the physical container. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: So in that sense they are very important. Now, it is not a question of whether you grow spiritually or not. In other words, it is not a question of saving your soul, if you want to use those terms, but it does help the situation and these rhythms do affect the outward reaction that you have to the world.

Questioner: Well, let me rephrase the question. I firmly believe there are rhythms but I am questioning, like the physical cycle is supposed to be 28 days from the day of birth. But does it progress like that throughout your whole life? Or if you are sick, does it get out of sync?

C: No, those all are related to the natural cycles of the material manifestation. You have far more than three cycles in your make-up. In total you could have well over one hundred different cycles that all intermix or interchange or interrelate to each other.

Questioner: But the 3 cycles we are thinking about, the way they figure
them is a valid way to do it.

The Council: Yes, they are based on the physical cycles of the material manifestation which are quite constant. Absolute in fact. Do you understand?

Questioner: I understand.

The Council: If you were to look at the natural cycles of the material manifestation, take for instance, the cycles of the moon, they are quite accurate. Over a long period of time, there are adjustments necessary but not in a single lifetime. Do you understand what we are saying?

Questioner: I understand what you are saying.

The Council: The adjustments are so minimal that it would take many, many lifetimes to even give it a second thought, so these are cycles that are constant with the material manifestation, with the very elements that you are composed of or the physical body of your soul is composed of. They all must work in relationship to each other. This is part of the holding process of the soul or the entity in the material manifestation. If you want to look at the situation in relationship to the overall picture, these cycles that are represented by man's vocabulary or man's intellect are very essential in you maintaining a material form for your growth. Now, we would not say that you should say everyone must have a picture of their rhythms. You could live, for the most part, quite well without any knowledge of such things, but for those who wish to pay attention to these, what shall we say, helpmates, well, naturally, why not use them if they interest you. Now, what you should know along with this is that they are very subtle cycles or they influence the overall picture of you very subtly. So, if you were to say that these cycles have drastic manifestations in your every day, no, this is not the case, this is not the case. Yet they do exist, and they do have a direct influence on you. It is your ability to control yourself through your spirituality, through your wisdom, through your good judgment that keeps these cycles from radically affecting your exterior activities. Do you understand that?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: So, you can go as, shall we put it, "crazy" with those cycles as you care to go. But common courtesy, education, wisdom, conditions, help to maintain the exterior, plus past experiences in your lifetime. If a person were to observe their inner feelings very closely and become attuned to their moods, to their energy levels, to their outlook, and to their mental activity, would without too much trouble be able to sense these cycles. So, they do exist and they do have an important part to play in your overall make-up, but the soul quality, the soul-saving quality of these things, no, you are looking at them then from the wrong point of view. Is that understood?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: So disregarding your cycles does not determine whether you are going to grow spiritually or not. They will or can help in understanding yourself in your everyday relationships or activities. So, in that sense then, in an indirect sense, it is possible to help you in a spiritual way if you choose to look at it that way. But only as a once-removed, shall we say, helpmate.

Friday, September 26, 2014

How the fall of man occurred.

How the fall of man occurred.

In this somewhat involved dialogue with William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they explain in simple terms how the fall of man occurred. On many occasions they have reminded us that we do not possess a vocabulary sufficient to adequately explain their existence. They say that the best they can do is paint a picture for us and hope that we will see beyond the words.

The Council: The angels are nothing more than fields of force, vibrations, messengers, whatever, thoughts of the Divine that were created for your use. They were like a comet for you to direct, to explode into a new universe; they were your servants and you chose to accept their feeble challenge. "Prove to us that you are our gods." Silly, silly, silly. You chose, and you have been attempting to prove it ever since. An example, God and all of His beings that He has created in the very beginning before the Fall of man were like a cosmic comet flying through many eternities, many universes, and as it moved forward with the Godhead in the beginning, in the front, all His other gods close by making a solid front, moving ahead, creating new ways of travel, new ways of penetration, new ways of movement, new forms, those that were created to serve as they fulfilled their position, they became the tail, and they dropped off, and they grew as beautiful gardens in the heavens, you see, now we are referring to the angels: they were the tail of the heavenly comet. Unfortunately, some of those chose to challenge. "Why should we be the heavenly gardens? Why can't we travel ahead? Prove to us that you deserve to move and seed the heavens and not us?" Does that give you any better understanding?

Questioner: Yes. Some, thank you.

The Council: You and all of the entities on the face of the earth were intended to be heavenly seed bearers, heavenly planters of heavenly gardens, gardens that consist of thousands and thousands of universes, forming diamonds as gigantic as a universe, as perfect as perfect can be. There are no terms in man's vocabulary to describe what you are and what you could have been. There are no words to describe the magnitude of even your fallen state, so we must resort to such silly little things.

Questioner: Well, the angels that challenged us as spiritual beings, I can't recall now, was this Lucifer and the angels who fell?

The Council: Yes, if you wish to put it in those terms. For the present it would be much simpler to rely on that. You have a basic understanding from the Creation Story. You see, would you accept a challenge from someone you hired? If you were to hire a person to scrub your floors, and that person said to you, "Why should I scrub your floors? You can do it. I'll just take the money." What would you say?

Questioner: No.

The Council: That is just a very blah example of what the angels did to you. If you would have handled the situation properly, you would have completely ignored such a question, and just assumed that it would be done, and you would have been gone and taken care of whatever business you had planned for the day. The consideration of the challenge is the halting of the forward movement.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Healing Part 5 - The Council's final remarks on healing and an experiment for us to attempt.

In this final posting on healing William LePar's spiritual source, The Council give us an experiment to try.

The Council: In order to learn to control the right side of the brain as a healer or as one who is being healed, if one were to attempt it on their own in order to help you sense the activities of the right side of the brain, you may try this experiment. Sit very quietly and close your eyes, and try to vision something very simple. You may choose something like a number, 1, 2, or whatever. Keep it to a single digit. Or you may choose the initial of your name. Close your eyes and envision this letter or numeral, whichever you choose. Take note how you are seeing it. Now, this will take a little effort on your part. You must construct this vision. Then, with your left hand, as you are envisioning this numeral or letter, with your left hand place it on your left temple. Place your left hand on your left temple, and then visually move this letter or number to the left side of your viewing screen or however you are seeing this. Concentrate on that. Hold that image clear and as sharp as you can. Then take your left hand away from your left temple, place your right hand on your right temple and move that figure, that letter, or that number, to the right side of your screen of vision. Do this a number of times until you can very readily move the figure back and forth. Now, the desired objective is to actually see this letter or number on one side or the other side of your line of vision. Now, this is with your eyes closed. You should be able to see this figure, this letter or number, on the left side of your inner viewing screen and on the right side and you should be able to see it move from side to side as you will it. Practice this so that you can do it without touching the temple or the head. Now, we simply say, place the left hand on the left side of the head simply to give you a means of motivation, not that it will draw this figure over there, but it helps you to concentrate and utilize the activity of the brain or the function of the brain. In other words, it is simply a support system in helping you switching from the right to the left side of the brain. As we said, be able to do this with some ease. Then make the effort to be able to do it without touching either side of the head. In the process of this moving back and forth, you should also attempt other activities. Make the letter grow bigger or smaller. Move it closer to you or further away. If you are attuned to what you are doing, you will feel a very definite change. It will be hard to describe, but you will notice something different when you move this figure over to the right side of your viewing screen. In this process then what you are achieving is utilizing the ability to function or activate one side of the brain over the other. Maybe we will continue with some other instructions later on.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Healing Part 4 - Right hand verses left hand people.

In this quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they discuss right-handed verses left-handed people.

Questioner: Is there any particular hand that should be used? Or should both be used on opposite sides of the head?

The Council: Well, there is much spoken of as far as positive and negative sides of the physical container, and these, in actuality, play their part to some degree as far as the electrical fields of the body itself, but this is nullified basically when it comes to healing; so whatever is comfortable for the one who is laying on the hands. If you feel more comfortable placing your right hand on the ailment, then fine, do so. If you feel more comfortable placing your left hand on the ailing portion, then do so. It is really immaterial when it comes to healing, because what transpires when a healing takes place is something that is beyond the fields or the personal fields of the body; they are influenced by the Divine Source.

There are some thoughts on healing where one must have a negative charge to a positive side and vice versa. Well, it makes for interesting reading, but this is not the case, in actuality, because what transpires when the healing forces become present or active is that they are neither positive nor negative. They are the pure source of the energy and are utilized or transformed according to the needs of the physical container. So, do not assume that you may short-circuit some field or another. These are the mechanical activities of the physical container that are utilized to bring about an ailment but are overridden basically, or to simplify the situation, they are overridden when a healing is to take place. So one may say they are nullified or normalized, whichever term you care to use.

Questioner: In a previous communication I asked if there was any significance to being left-handed, and the Council replied that this would be something that should be brought up later. Would this be a good time? Would this tie in with right brain and left brain?

The Council: It certainly is tied in to the activities of the right and left side of the brain.

Questioner: Would left-handers tend to be better healers?

The Council: No. It is solely the activity of the right side of the brain and its ability to override the left side, and by practicing the visualization you learn to control the left side and overcome its more direct activity. A left-handed individual is no better than a right-handed individual. If you will review what we were discussing at that time, you will come up with some specific questions along that line that would be interesting to get the answers to. We think that should suffice for this evening.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Healing Part 3 - How we can stimulate the right side of the brain.

In this interchange between a questioner and William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they discuss ways to stimulate the right side of the brain.

Questioner: What are some ways that we could use to stimulate the right side of the brain?

The Council: The simplest way to begin to stimulate the right side of the brain is begin to think of peaceful things. Think of peaceful and serene pictures. Begin to visualize beautiful things. Look at photographs in the reverse position, especially those photographs that are of a pleasant or beautiful nature, either of scenery or religious figures, what have you; anything that is uplifting; anything that is touching to the heart.

Questioner: You spoke of looking at them in a reverse position. Could you please clarify?

The Council: Upside down.

Questioner: Why?

The Council: Well, study the activities of the eye connected to the brain, and you will see that by doing this you create a certain confusion to that nasty, nasty side that you must overcome. Now, we say this, again, tongue in cheek.

Questioner: Kind of sneak it by the censors?

The Council: Well, you might say that. Now, if you wish to practice healing, exercise the right side of the brain. That is the first step. Visualize things of great beauty, and practice this so that you can hold a picture in your mind. Now, to you this may not seem as though anything is transpiring. Do not worry about your right side or your left side of the brain. Simply visualize pictures of beauty, of peace, of harmony. Start with simple things. If a particular flower holds your fancy or if a particular shape holds your fancy, then start with these, and the more you can bring that picture into your mind clearly and sharply, the more active the right side of the brain is. Now, as far as viewing a serene photograph or painting in the reverse position, we would not suggest that this be done all the time, because this has a tendency then to create a laziness beyond a certain point in the activity of the brain. This can be used on occasion and then only for short periods of time; hold the picture right side up and then reverse it, and concentrate on the picture in the reverse position. Do not just look at it in a general sense. Look at it intently, then put the picture right side up, and do this, say, three or four times, and then put the picture aside and practice the visualization. When you get to the point that you can hold a good picture for a period of time, then you have strengthened the right side of the brain. You have pronounced its activities or have made its activities pronounced. The key is to keep that visualization for a period of time. Try to increase the period of time. Do not become anxious and set goals that are ridiculous, but increase that period of time, slowly. Now, when you pray for a person, utilize that activity. When you pray for a healing, utilize that activity. The physical properties that transpire in the body by activating the right side of the brain increases the body's ability to transmit the electrical impulses or the electromagnetic fields in the body to assist as a triggering device in the body of the person needing the healing. If you can encourage the other individual to visualize some activity that can be related to healing, this would help. Possibly, with some people you may suggest that they visualize a washing flood of light through them; or they may attempt to see the ailment begin to glow and be surrounded by a bright light. Any form of activity such as that that is dependent on the right side of the brain will allow the spiritual forces to be activated or to flow more freely. Also, what transpires during these activities is that a spiritual insight also comes through. When one attempts a laying on of hands, one should also place the hands on the head, after the one who is laying on of hands has visualized or activated the right side of the brain, allowing some of these fields of energy then to stimulate the organ itself. Then, if one chooses, one may proceed to lay hands on the ailing part.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Healing Part 2 - How we activate the right side of the brain.

In this posting from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, we have some important information on healing and how the right side of the brain is key to healing. A decision must be made at a soul level before any healing can occur. There are situations where a soul may chose not to have a healing. The illness may exist to help others.

Questioner: At a trance last year you closed by saying that at a later date we should ask you for more information on healing and how to make it somewhat easier and along with that insight into spirituality.

The Council: Healing is a very simple process, if you can accept it. It is the desire to be whole, first of all. It is the desire to be fulfilled in God's Eyes. To be fulfilled in God's Eyes means to be whole, complete, and happy. It is the wish, it is the desire, it is the intention of your Divine Father for you to be completely whole, to be completely happy, and to have all your needs fulfilled. Once you can really believe this, then the cure is yours; it is simply a matter of time; but there are some things that must transpire, unless, of course, you are speaking of miraculous or instantaneous healings. Let us speak then of the "normal" forms of healing. What is needed: First of all, belief. First of all, desire. First of all, knowing. Now, take note, we said "first of all" to each of those. A soul can be healed without the conscious knowledge of it or without the conscious knowledge that there is a healing in process or a healing being prayed for. More responsibility falls on the healer then to activate or trigger the spiritual process. Now to the secrets of healing and we say that somewhat tongue in cheek. A healing takes place in the physical because there has been an opening to the soul. The opening to the soul does not come from the physical first but from the spiritual first. So the spiritual must work through the physical, and its first active, overt, outward contact is with the mind. The mind utilizes then the brain. The brain does not exist of its own self. The brain exists because of the function of the mind. Now that is important to understand. The mind is the most obvious connection with the soul. It is the soul speaking to the physical through its concepts, through its present concepts. The soul's most creative activities come through the right hemisphere. It is known that the right hemisphere is the aesthetic side of human nature; it knows the beauty; it knows the Divine. Whether on a conscious level or not, the right hemisphere must be made active in some way or some form, it must be made active in the sense that it can see the body whole. The more intense this sight is, the more quickly and the more completely the healing will be. So, if you want a healing, simply activate the right side of the brain, and you are 99% of the way there. Now, how complicated is that? All physical healings come through the right side of the brain. The stronger one trains the right side of the brain, the more completely it will heal. Even with the healer, the right side of the brain must be active. When it comes to greater spiritual growth, if one cannot visualize the spiritual concepts through the right side of the brain, then spiritual growth cannot be had. The heart is activated by the right side of the brain; now when we say "heart" we are not referring to the organ, but we are referring to what the heart represents as far as emotions and feelings. When the right side of the brain and its powers are released in the sense of healing and love, the physical container then can become a very strong tool, a very powerful tool for healing. Now, again, even though there is this process involved, that it becomes nothing more in reality then than a channel for the Divine Force to be active or released into the material manifestation. Very well. Are there any questions?

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